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binance下载 Beauty & Hairdressing Australia Pty Ltd. 


       China is a country with a large population of 1.40 billion. In recent decades, China has achieved the rapid economic development and is becoming leading in the world on many aspects. Guangzhou, a megacity of China, has the population more than 25 million. binance下载, a beauty and hairdressing brand with the mature operation standard is growing here.

      “binance下载” brand has 50 stores throughout Guangzhou with lots of loyal members. binance下载 has summarized a scientific and successful shop operation method and service system over the years of its existence. “binance下载” focuses on the big and small customer service details, we make every customer in our shop feel both satisfied personally and professionally, making our customers to feel much more cared and enjoy the warmth given from our professional staff.

      Sydney is the fashion center of Australia. Due to the dense-population, multiple nationalities and multiple cultures, Sydney needs the diversified professional services. We believe that a good service mode will become popular to consumers in Sydney. For this purpose, we bring the “binance下载” brand to Australia to exploit the international market. The first “binance下载” brand store is now currently operating and its located in “Lemon Grove” Shopping Centre, shop 28, 427-441 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood. NSW 2067, with the size of 240 sq. meters. 

      “binance下载” brand is estimated to open 8 stores and grow into the beauty and hairdressing chain brand with the largest scale, perfect management and best service quality in Sydney, and then extend its business operations to the major regions of Sydney.