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1. Decent in look and figure aged at 18 - 35

2. Keen on the beauty industry and willing to move toward the cosmetic sector;

3. Prepared to work hard and self-motivated

4. Work experience in beauty salon professional line preferred (candidates without related experience are acceptable and may be provided with free paid training prior to work)


Cosmetic tutor

1. One year or more experience as a cosmetologist or tutor with good look and

2. Familiar with the operation and management mode of beauty salon professional line, and having beauty industry knowledge and management experience 

3. Strong language competence and interpersonal skills



1. Decent in look and temperament aged at 18 - 28 and basic knowledge of computer operation;

2. Nice personality, exceptional attention to details and responsibility;

3. Candidates without related experience may be provided with free pre-service training.



Hairdressing lecturer

1. Over two years’ experience with hairdressing lecturing, equipped with rich hairdressing theoretical knowledge and excellent lecturing ability, and experienced in professional hairdressing technique training;

2. Good look and presence, easily understandable with explanation and demonstration, and strong communication skills and practical experience;

3. Good command of ABC typical, perming and dyeing techniques;

4. Able to prepare hairdressing lesson notes;

5. Possessors of “national certificates for intermediate and senior hair stylists” preferred.